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"Connecting all lands and peoples in her everlasting embrace, the sea bears to Limsa Lominsa the wisdom and voices of a thousand shores."

The foremost paper in Limsa Lominsa, reporting on matters of pertinence and currency to seafarers. From the haughty bluster of pirates to the far-reaching developments in foreign diplomacy, the Harbor Herald never fails to put into port with the day’s haul of fresh tidings. Based in the hub of trade upon the five seas, no other paper can claim the same wealth of knowledge in international affairs.

Popular features include Dympna’s “Catch of the Day,” which never fails to reel in the juiciest (and fishiest) gossip from Limsa’s docks and alehouses, and chief correspondent Petyr Winsome’s regular column on the doings of the Maelstrom. Reporters for the Herald were the first to break two major stories regarding Eorzea’s yellow-feathered beasts of burden: Ishgard’s lifting of the embargo on chocobo exports in the waning days of the Sixth Astral Era, as well as news of the chocobo barding forged by the smiths of Naldiq & Vymeli’s.

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DMs are always open to anyone who wants to discuss collaborations. I'm here to spread the word about your characters. The more the merrier.

As of current, there is no fee for collaboration requests. That's something I'll decide on later once I'm more established.

Discord: therealchandyman
Twitter: @DrakeFFXIV

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