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Bunny Sum Strikes Fear and Comfort into the Hearts of Eorzea

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Cigarette ashes fall upon the bar next to a cool glass of jin. An axe hangs off their back, and scars run down their arms. Mercenaries declare a lot while saying very little. They make themselves easy to find. There is a purpose to which they do so. Bunny Sum is one such mercenary who lives for her cause and wants you to know it.

“I got to know this being at an intimate depth--their wrong doings, their joys, and how they lived when no one else was watching,” Bunny Sum spoke about her first contract. She took the leap from civil girl to hardened mercenary with a bigger jump than most. However, it was not a kill of purely business. Bunny Sum finds value in acknowledging there is justice in her career.

Bunny Sum took her first kill because it is her will to purify the world. No one is born with the desire to harm others, but its normality is taught and engrained over years of subjugation. Bunny Sum, like all mercenaries, motivated herself to cross that line. Her soul became stronger after experiencing tragedy. She walks the only path she knows how that heals her spirit.

Bunny does not seek out evil, but she is glad to punish it. Villains push their victims to an edge that tips the scale. Vengeance is no stranger to the traumatized. While many lack power of their own to take things into their own hands, fate deals them a hand that provides them with the means they seek. The world of mercenaries and martyrs exists to be the tool for those powerless people.

Upon asking Bunny Sum why she wanted to share herself with the world, she answered with this. “My fancy was sprung at the thought of being known... Not as a sheep, or a martyr, or whatever. But as me.” It’s difficult to understand a person so bent on hardening themselves, but do not be taken aback by these fighters. They are still ordinary people. Bunny Sum was not stripped of her emotions to face her cause, but embraced them to assure her heroism. She frequents social districts such as the Mist’s Ward 15 Southeast Subdivision and is fond of her Veena heritage. During her interview, she smiled with enthusiasm to be seen and visited, not just hired.

Bunny Sum’s appearance is not something to be feared. It is an invitation and a helpful reminder her target will not escape her sight. In a progressive world of uniting factions and heavier, more mandated laws, the line of mercenaries is growing thinner. But to men who think they can hide behind the law, Bunny Sum should serve to entertain their nightmares. Her bright smile is scarcely hard to find, and she yet roams free to traverse Hydaelyn’s lands. Besides, no one can track, let alone defeat, a girl with no name.

Bunny Sum in her combat gear, discusses her career over drinks with reporter D’rake Tia. She takes pride in her skills with an axe, and often wears traditional viera gear.

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