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The Out-of-Character Story

This website does not have any official association with Final Fantasy XIV.

I am "D'rake," who plays FFXIV on a few different characters that I decided to simultaneously play the role of employees at The Harbor Herald. The Harbor Herald, within XIV's lore, is one of the three major newspapers for Eorzea. Each city-state has a respective paper, and The Harbor Herald belongs to Limsa Lominsa.

RP to me is fun and should be for you too. Despite the professionalism that I wanted to display on the website's homepage, this is by no means meant to be intimidating. I merely made a site for me and readers to keep track of my work. Most of my characters are on Primal (Hyperion), and D'rake Tia is my main; but, I would like to have characters on different data centers as well if people are interested.

So what do I do exactly?
Well, I have a habit of focusing on predominantly feature stories about characters such as yours and mine. Anything your character does, wants, has a history in--I can write about anything big and small. Most people think they have nothing interesting to say; but talented reporters know better and can tell your story. I'll turn the story of how you stubbed your toe last Friday or why the balloon you bought at the fair instantly popped into gold.

The Harbor Herald does technically have sections for hard news, gossip columns, etc. However, I don't want to promote anything possibly toxic and that conflicts with official channels from Square-Enix and the XIV staff.

I only record what people tell me for possible stories to pursue when I have full consent. I will still be friends with anyone regardless. Enjoy your time and thank you for your support.

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