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Kat Theron is a Bridge Between Worlds

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Lights off, cameras down, and no action on set. It was the after-hours of the studio, yet a single model shined brightly on her own. Whether she intended it, her eyes and skin distracted from a scar across her left cheek. She has the ideal physique and charisma her line of work demands. Common people will turn the pages of any paper and magazine wherever they can find Kat Theron. She works within the modeling industry to show off what is elegant about the otherwise gritty world of adventuring.

“Well I may be a model, but I don't get a lot of attention like most people think. This beauty is also an adventurer,” Kat said to start with her dual life. Surprisingly enough, she excitedly stated her first interview was this occasion with us at The Harbor Herald. “This will be a new experience for me since I have never been interviewed before.”

Kat is convinced this is because she comes across as more intimidating than regular models. She originally pursued an adventuring life and successfully acclimated herself to the physical toll that career takes. But her life changed when a simple offer came to her. “Well, I'm in [modeling] because I was helping a close companion grow their business from what’s normal to a more adventurous point of view. They had a vision and it seemed that I fit the position, so I happily accepted.” This photography company is the now thriving Starlight Dragon Photography--originally founded as Glacesu Studios.

Starlight Dragon Photography prides itself on showcasing the lives many people fantasize about, but may find unideal. Adventuring is stressful as it takes a person through unknown lands, to fight tough monsters and criminals, and walk away with only scars to show for it. However, these are the factors that make their lives so thrilling. And Kat Theron could not have been a better choice to connect the two worlds. Now common folk see every day what adventurers pursue and how wide they smile with every achievement.

Glacesu Sferra founded Starlight Dragon Photography and initially struggled with the pitch while it was Glacesu Studios. Kat then touched on how they worked together to save the company. “She started using me as a model to show that she doesn't only do pretty pictures. She needed a lift, so I advised her to use me as her model. It all came together and people started noticing.”

Glacesu’s excellent work brings out Kat’s best features, making her the face of the company to this day. But Kat’s first steps into earning her wages did not start off glorious either. She did not go into specific details, but gave a quick summary of her trials and travels. “I was attacked and left for dead when I was younger. I was raised in Ul’dah until that tragic moment. After that happened, I ended up in Ishgard. I traveled and trained to handle my power. Then met someone and that didn't work out, so I was taken in by my ex-partner’s rival family. And, I'm here now.”

The scar Kat wears on her left cheek symbolizes the edge she has in the modeling industry. She uses her rigorous past to her advantage and played a part in bringing the work of her friends into notoriety. She appears on several entertainment frontpages, showing, and now telling the world, that she rose to meet every challenge thrown her way. And she embraced the spotlight at the end of the tunnel.

Kat Theron displays her fortitude with a photoshoot in Hell’s Lid. Kat aims to inspire other adventurers to overcome their fears and seek new challenges.

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